Want to support Second Chance Equine Association?

Great! Hugs, time, materials, feed, prayers, love, services, and financial donations are all wonderful ways to give back to our four legged friends in need. If you are interested in donating material goods or would like to donate your time, contact us HERE and we will be sure to get back in contact with you. We have also set up an easy online donation service through PayPal, which accepts all major credit or debit cards.

Second Chance Equine Association (S.C.E.A.) is an 501 C3 non-profit organization in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses and other equine, that have been seized by humane officers in various counties. S.C.E.A. is not a police organization. We can only accept equine after they have been legally confiscated by an official humane officer. We are not an equine sanctuary. We cannot accept unwanted privately owned equine.

We provide immediate assistance to calls for help from the county humane officers.

The S.C.E.A. transports the equine to a safe quarantine area where they are checked by a veterinarian. The animals are given any health care treatment they may require. All of our equine are certified to be free of communicable disease before starting the rehabilitation process

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