To help offset the rising costs of administrative supplies and everything else associated with the rehabilitation of the rescued horses SCEA finds it necessary to change our membership from free to a paid membership association. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

All Members receive our newsletter, admission to educational seminars, invitation to fun events, access to the combined knowledge of a large network of equine professionals to help with all of your horse questions and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting horses that desperately need your help.

Horse Club Members in addition to regular membership privileges receive a $1,000,000.00 Personal Excess Equine Liability Insurance Policy to protect them from financial responsibility for any property damage or injury to people their horse might cause. This protection follows you anywhere, at home, boarding stable, shows or on the trail.

Membership Fees:

Annual Membership $25.00
(Liability Insurance is not included with this membership)

Horse Club Individual Membership $55.00
(Includes Individual Membership and Liability Insurance for all the horses you own)

Horse Club Family Membership $80.00
(Includes Family Membership and Liability Insurance for all the horses your family owns)

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