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SCEA would like to sincerely thank and recognize all those who donated to SCEA.

  • In Loving Memory of Paul Matey Jr. (Jay) given by Jim and Joyce Prohaska
  • In Loving Memory of William Kline given by Co-workers of Diversified Services, Kenneth Swank Mane Attractions
  • In Loving Memory of Paul Sarracino given by Co-workers of First Energy Transmission System Operations
  • In Loving Memory of Donald Wilson given by Susan Shinsky
  • In Loving Memory of Clark T. Southworth given by Bryan & Sandra Vaughn, Jamieson & Sharon Hess, Richard & Shannon Kozakiewicz, Clark & Lynn Southworth, Eleanor Campbell, Linda Pastorik, Ray & Denise Figas, Janet & Steve Holt, Tom & Denise Unterbrink
  • Rae Gold
  • Krystle Bruggeman
  • Phyliss Stefko
  • Susan Shinsky
  • Paulette Griglack
  • Marcella Sarson
  • Kim Fogle
  • Kim Paxton
  • Lori Monstrola
  • Barney & Jake Domasky
  • Ann Trump
  • Rose Lynn Rednock
  • Melissa Ackerman
  • Brianna Beeghly
  • Stanley and Sheryl Dennis
  • Pam & John DiGruttolo
  • Lorenzo & Kimberly Bucci
  • Dale & Sue Wiseman
  • Ruth Ann Hoffman
  • Michael & Marcia Katinsky
  • Dennis & Lori Hutchison
  • Julie Berry
  • Mimi Brooker
  • Lisa Pattock
  • Kevin & Chris O Donnell
  • Tammy Colt

Thank You to those who made donations in Rememberence of a Loved One.

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